About the Program

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

LeanData works with the industry’s best platform, ISV, and SI partners. Apply today to learn how you can join our growing partner ecosystem.



PORTAL Benefits

The LeanData Partner Portal includes resources to make you successful!


Deal registration

Submit referrals and track the progress of your opportunities and the status of your commission payment.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Access to on-demand training materials, data sheets, webinars, marketing collateral and more.

news & Updates

Stay up-to-date on LeanData products and Partner Program announcements.

Training & Support

Get LeanData Routing Certified to become the ultimate OpsStar with the knowledge you need to be successful with LeanData.

"LeanData enables us to capture all of our [sales and marketing] data and helps our executives to spend our money in the most effective way possible."

— Sr. Sales Operations Manager, Financial Force


Partner Types

We work with the following partners types to grow our mutual customer base.


ISV Partners

Our ISV Partners are other software companies whose solution integrates with LeanData. Have a software solution that helps Marketing Operations and/or Sales Operations professionals? We want to hear from you.

SI Partners

Our Systems Integrator (SI) Partners work with customers to help them maximize their use of technology and offer complementary solutions and services that benefit the customer.

Referral Partners

Our Referral Partners are organizations who do not classify themselves as Platform, ISV, or SI Partners, but are LeanData champions who refer us business and want to stay up-to-date on LeanData products and resources.

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